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RVVP is a multi-core flexible wire with soft conductor PVC insulated wire plus shielding layer and PVC sheath.

Copper core PVC insulated and shielded PVC sheathed flexible cable, also known as electrical connection anti-interference flexible cable, rated voltage 300/300V, core number commonly used is 2-24 cores, commonly used core wire diameter: 0.12 square , 0.2 square, 0.3 square, 0.4 square, 0.5 square, 1.0 square, 1.5 square, etc.

1. RVVP implementation standard JB/T8734.5-2016

2. Polyvinyl chloride insulation

3. Polyvinyl chloride sheath

4. The conductor is multi-core annealed bare copper stranded

5. More than two core wires are twisted into a cable

6. After being cabled, it can be shielded by aluminum foil

7. Bare copper wire or tinned copper wire braided shielding net

8. The rated voltage is 300/300V

9. The normal working temperature does not exceed 70℃

10. Product CCC certification

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